Natural Sweet Taste. Less Energy

Nutriscent Co., Ltd., in collaboration with SoPure Stevia, one of the leaders of plant-based stevia extracts producers, successfully held the seminar on “Natural Sweet Taste. Less Energy” at Grande Centre Point Terminal 21. The seminar aimed to share valuable information which are helpful for food and beverage industry. Stevia is a non-calorie natural sweetener which is considered generally safe for use in food & beverage. It is 200-400 times sweeter than sugar. Thanks to extraction technology advancement, stevia can provide good taste and sugar-like taste.

The seminar topics include the upcoming trends of food & beverage products and food additives
law & regulation. Furthermore, all honored guests experienced story of stevia which includes sweetness
neuroscience and sugar reduction guidelines, formulating with sweeteners, and the case study of
stevia application in Indonesia.

Over 80 honored guests enjoyed the practical information and experienced food & beverage products that formulated with stevia; pandan
drink, orange juice, soymilk, cookie, and ketchup.

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