Savory flavor

Flavorings enhance the taste and aroma of food. we sell flavor used in beverages, milk and soymilk along with savory flavor as well as taste enhancing flavorings used to enhance sweet taste.

we deliver safe & quality-assured products to your product.

Our passion for food and cookery drives us to create fine savoury flavours for products including soups, sauces, dressings, condiments, tinned food and processed meats.

Our solutions are tailored for individual product requirements as well as the tastes and aspirations of any target market, and our expertise spans compounded flavours, process flavours and encapsulation technology.

Example list of product we can supply to you.

  • Garlic flavor replacer : to replace garlic powder or extract
  • Spice replacer
  • Beef flavor
  • Pork flavor
  • Chicken flavor
  • Fish flavor
  • Smoke and Roasted flavor
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