Standardized Plant extract

Regular using in food supplement and beverage application to provide an active ingredient in each of function.  We also provide special plant extract for weight management and beauty propose.

  • Acai extract
  • Acelora cherry extract
  • Beetroot extract
  • Billberry extract
  • Bitter Melon extract
  • Black/ Red currant extract
  • Citrus Aurantium extract
  • Cordyceps extract
  • Cranberry extract
  • Garcenia extract
  • Gingko extract
  • Ginseng extract
  • Goji berry extract
  • Grape seed extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Lemongrass extract
  • Mixed berry extract
  • Piperine extract
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Rosehip extract
  • Seabuckthorn extract
  • Senna leaf extract
  • White kidney bean extract
  • Etc…. please contact us for more ingredient list information.
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