Stevia extract

Stevia is a family of non-nutritive plant-based sweeteners, derived from the amazing leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. The plant was discovered by scientists to naturally possess over 60 different steviol glycosides, ingredients with 200-400x the sweetness of table sugar.

Today, it is used around the world to sweeten an increasing variety of our foods and beverages.

Our supplier is  the largest producer of plant-based stevia extracts in the world,

Stevia is made from our seeds, our growers, and our facilities to ensure the most consistent and  best tasting products possible.

Product range

Reb A Extract  Economical choices for moderate reduced sugar applications.

:   Reb A 99, Reb A 98 , Reb A97/95 and Reb A60

Stevia leaf extract  focused on commercializing additional delicious glycosides from the stevia leaf.

:  Reb C, Reb D and Reb M

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