Tea extract and herbal extract

We provide you with our professional supplier for tea extract and herbal extract which resourcing of their own tea farming providing a trust for quality can be track down since farm to your hands.

 Specialty Tea extract is our range of decaffeinate tea extract and high caffeine tea extract with our long knowledge andtechnology must be make confidence that product should be in line with guarantee specification.

Tea extract for Taste Our supplier is an expertise for ranging of tea extract you can be satisfy from normal tea with full body profi till the specialty tea like matcha, Hojicha and Gyokuro tea.

Specialty tea Products

  • High caffeine Green tea extract
  • Decaffeinate Green tea extract and black tea extract
  • Green tea extract

Tea extract for Taste

  • Green tea extract : full body of green tea
  • Green tea extract with Variety : Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Hojicha and other
  • Black Tea extract with bubble tea profile.
  • Black Tea extract suitable for lemon and citrus profile.
  • Matcha powder

Herbal extract

  • Chrysanthemum extract
  • Grass Jelly extract
  • Luo Han Guo extract
  • Mixed of herbal extract
  • Pandan powder
  • Lemongrass powder
  • Ginger powder
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